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Vorland Land Company
PO Box 287
New Rockford, ND 58356
Phone: 701-947-5626
Fax: 701-947-5620
Email: vlc@gondtc.com

Real Estate Brokers
spaceDean Vorland
spaceAlicia Vorland

Real Estate Sales
spaceArdyce Snyder
spaceDavid Larson

Some Things You Should Know About Us

Alicia Vorland - Real Estate Broker, Appraiser, Owner
Alicia will handle all of your Real Estate needs.
Alicia Vorland - Real Estate Broker / Owner
Office - 701-947-5626
Home - 701-947-5999


Dean Vorland - Real Estate Broker Owner
Dean will handle your Residential, Farm, and Commercial real estate needs.  Whether you are a Buyer or Seller Vorland Land Company will assist you.  He is also the staff member who takes care of your Rental Property Management needs.
Dean Vorland - Real Estate Broker / Owner
Office - 701-947-5626
Home - 701-947-5999


Ardyce Snyder - Real Estate Sales
Ardyce is the Office Secretary and a licensed Real Estate Agent.  She also works within the Rental Property Management area.  If you have questions that need to be answered Ardyce is the person to see.
Ardyce Snyder - Real Estate Office / Sales
Office - 701-947-5626
Home - 701-947-2084


David Larson - Real Estate Sales
David is a licensed Real Estate Agent living in Fessenden.  He will provide services in Fessenden, Harvey, Maddock and the surrounding communities.  He is licensed to handle all of your real estate needs, whether you're a buyer or seller, contact David.
David Larson - Real Estate Sales
Office - 701-947-5626
Home - 701-547-3463
Cell - 701-341-0314


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